Ebru Bozdag

Global and computational seismology

Seismic tomography

Full-waveform inversion

3D seismic wave simulations

Interpretation of Earth’s and other planetary interiors and their dynamics.

Jeffrey Shragge (photo credit: Western Australia Maritime Museum)

John Bradford

Ground-penetrating radar

Reflection seismology

Wavefield modeling

Reflection imaging

Waveform attribute analysis

Material property estimation

Brandon Dugan

Marine geology and geophysics

Borehole geophysics

Geomechanics and fluid flow

Freshwater resources

Natural hazards

Jeffrey Shragge (photo credit: Western Australia Maritime Museum)

Ge Jin

Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing applications

Machine learning and data mining applications in Geophysics

Advanced seismic imaging methods

Richard Krahenbuhl

   Gravity and Magnetics

   Time-lapse monitoring

   Archaeological Geophysics

   Volcanic Studies

   Humanitarian Geoscience


Yaoguo Li

Inverse theory




Reservoir monitoring

Geology differentiation

Eileen Martin

Near-surface, engineering, environmental and urban geophysics

Analysis of large sensor networks

Fiber-optic sensing, including distributed acoustic sensing

Signal processing, imaging, and inverse problems

Data-intensive high performance computing

Passive seismic methods

Jeffrey Shragge (photo credit: Western Australia Maritime Museum)

Manika Prasad

Rock physics / rock mechanics


Acoustic imaging / micro-CT imaging

Gas adsorption

NMR, poroelastic and flow properties for reservoir characterization

Seismic monitoring

CO2 storage

Resource evaluation

Paul Sava

Seismic & radar wave propagation

Wavefield imaging and tomography

Inverse problems & numeric optimization

Exploration geophysics

Planetary geophysics and space resources

Jeffrey Shragge

3D/4D Seismic
3D acoustic and elastic wave propagation, 3D/4D velocity inversion, 3D/4D Reverse-time migration (RTM), wave-equation migration, rock physics, computational geometry and differential meshing

Ground penetrating radar, magnetics, conductivity mapping, resistivity profiling, seismic reflection/refraction; instrument design.

Parallel Programming (OpenMP, MPI); General Purpose GPU computing, CUDA; micro-controller devices (e.g., Raspberry Pi)

Matthew Siegfried

Physical processes of glaciers and ice sheets

Interactions between ice, ocean, and solid Earth

Adapting field geophysical methods for ice-sheet applications

Independent validation of remotely sensed observations.

Kamini Singha


Physical processes controlling solute and contaminant mass transport

Integration of geophysical imaging with flow and transport modeling

Groundwater-surface water exchange

Groundwater-evapotranspiration connections

Roel Snieder

Extracting the mechanical response from structures such as buildings or bridges from the recordings of ambient noise or of earthquake signals.

Ilya Tsvankin

Seismic wave propagation

Inversion and processing for anisotropic media

Multicomponent and time-lapse seismic

Characterization of fractured reservoirs

Ali Tura

Integrated reservoir characterization and monitoring

Research topics in fiber optics

Machine learning

Land seismic data acquisition

Centers and Projects

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