Field Camp

The Department of Geophysics operates a four-week field course for undergraduate students in the Geophysical Engineering program at Mines. This capstone course gives students hands-on experience at conducting geophysical field investigations. Students spend two weeks in the field, beginning with a geological study of the area, and using geophysical methods like seismic, gravity, electromagnetics, self-potential, resistivity, and ground penetrating radar, to gather data.  Students then return to the Mines campus for the second half of the course, where they process and interpret the data they collected. The program ends with a formal, public presentation of the results, written and given by the students.

In May 2021, 33 Geophysics students participated in field camp held in the foothills above Golden. Participants explored a variety of technologies and developed presentations on the following topics:

  • Reflection seismic imaging using densely sampled source and receiver points
  • Distributed acoustic sensing of vibroseis source sweeps
  • A 3D gravity model of the Golden, Colorado area‎
  • Noise attenuation of densely sampled seismic data
  • A comparison of ground and UAV-based magnetic surveys
  • Mapping the thickness of table mountain flood basalts using ground-based transient electromagnetics
  • Integrated seismic, gravity and electrical imaging of an accommodation fault along the Front Range

Field Camp Reports

All field camp reports are publicly available, and the most recent reports are available via the links, below.  For older documents, or for any other questions concerning Geophysics Field Camp, please contact us.