Geophysics in the Mines Newsroom


Dr. Matthew Siegfried is a glaciologist who uses satellite remote sensing techniques, in combination with field-based and airborne geophysical methods, to understand physical processes of Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets. His research interests include the role of dynamic subglacial hydrology, interactions between ice, ocean, and solid earth, adapting field geophysical methods for ice-sheet applications, and independent validation of remotely sensed observations…

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MISAC NABIGHIAN, 1931 – 2018

Misac NabighianThe applied geophysics community has lost a pioneer, an extraordinary scientist, a great teacher and mentor, and an extraordinary human being. Dr. Misac Nabighian passed away on August 8, 2018 from the complications of a heart attack. He is best known as a leading theoretician in electromagnetic and potential-field geophysics where he made many seminal contributions. He was known for his teachings in applied geophysics, mentoring of many geophysicists, and his extraordinary care for his students, friends, and colleagues…

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