Support Geophysics

We appreciate your support!

The programs and opportunities that we provide for our students are made possible and enhanced, largely by the funds and in-kind support that we receive from off-campus individual and corporate donors.  Your gifts allow us to serve our students in a variety of ways, including:

  • graduate and undergraduate fellowships and scholarships
  • opportunities for students to attend and present at professional conferences
  • computing equipment and upgrades
  • research opportunities and quality senior design experiences for undergraduates
  • Geophysics Field Camp
  • student society activities, both on and off-campus
  • annual Geophysics newsletter

Your gift makes a big impact on the experiences of this department.  For more information about how to make a gift, please contact Sara Pond, Director of Annual Giving at the Colorado School of Mines Foundation, at or by phone at 303.273.3153.

How to Contribute

  • You can make a one-time, or a recurring, gift on-line by credit card.
  • You can mail a check, made payable to the Colorado School of Mines Foundation, with Department of Geophysics in the memo line, to Colorado School of Mines Foundation, PO Box 912031, Golden CO 80401
  • Be sure to visit the matching gifts page to learn how your company can double–or even triple–your gift to Mines.

Book and Periodical Donations

If you have a rare book you would like to donate, please contact the Department.  Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we are no longer able to accept contributions of book or periodical collections.  We encourage you to donate these items to your local library.

MINES@150 Foundation Statement

In 2024, the year of our 150th anniversary, we will celebrate Colorado School of Mines’ past, present and possibilities. By celebrating and supporting the Campaign for MINES@150 you will help elevate Mines to be an accessible, top-of-mind and first-choice for students, faculty, staff, recruiters and other external partners. When you give, you are ensuring Mines becomes even more distinctive and highly sought-after by future students, alumni, industry, and government partners over the next 150 years. We look forward to celebrating Mines’ sesquicentennial with you and recognizing the key role you play in making the MINES@150 vision a reality through your investments of time, talent and treasure.

Recent Donors

The Department of Geophysics gratefully acknowledges the continued monetary and in-kind support from these individuals and organizations.

Mr. Darren AllenMs. Arsya Nadhira Kadyanto
Ms. Judith AllenMr. Steven J. Kerschbaum
Mr. Scott AllenMr. Erik Keskula
Mrs. Tonia AllenMrs. Pamela J. Keskula
Mr. Elias AriasMr. Michael A. Kowalski
Mrs. Manie B. BalchMrs. Sara Kowalski
Mr. Bernard BernsteinMs. Amy K. Kusek
Mr. Brett Thomas BernsteinDr. Kenneth L. Larner
Mr. John BernsteinMrs. Nancy R. Larner
Mr. Kenneth BernsteinDr. Yaoguo Li
Mr. Benjamin R. BlossMr. Christopher S. Ludwig
Mrs. Donnell BradfordMs. Jeanne Marie Lynch
Dr. John H. BradfordMr. Thomas W. Makris
Mr. Richmond L. BriningerMr. Richard Marston
Ms. Elizabeth BruceMr. Dylan Jacques Mayes
Ms. Carla C. Carvajal MenesesMs. Mary Jean Noland
Ms. Patricia A. CastilloMs. Samara Melody Omar
Mrs. Celia ChenMr. Zachary Lawrence Parrott
Dr. Deng-Bo ChenMs. Iga K. Pawelec
Mr. Jun Hee ChoiMrs. Arlene Payne
Mr. Jacob Lawrence ConradMr. James L. Payne
Mr. James S. CromptonMs. Susan M. Perrell
Mrs. Sally CromptonMrs. Lori Petitclerc
Mr. Christopher G. Cross Jr.Mr. Timothy Petitclerc
Mrs. Karin CrossMrs. Janice M. Piccioli-Farinelli
Mrs. Olga DashevskayaMr. Rafael E. Pinto Ortiz
Mrs. Patricia K. DavisMr. John William Pugh
Dr. Thomas L. DavisMs. Claudia A. Rebne
Dr. Esteban F. Diaz PantinMr. Derrik M. Sandberg
Dr. Brandon E. DuganMrs. Susan Sandberg
Ms. Megan Nichole EichnerDr. Paul Sava
Mr. Kenji C. FarinelliMr. Monroe B. Savage, Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn FaussetDr. Jeffrey C Shragge
Mr. Neal E. FaussetDr. Matthew R Siegfried
Mr. J. Roberto FeigeMr. Dean C. Szobody
Mrs. Marcella FeigeMs. Michelle C. Szobody
Mr. Jorge Enrique Fernandez-Concheso MarínDr. Ilya Tsvankin
Mrs. Eunice S. FournierDr. Ali C Tura
Mr. Kenneth P. FournierMr. Clark C. Vandell
Mr. Alexander Radford FryerMrs. Nancy Vandell
Ms. Lisa GavinMr. Ron von Lembke
Mr. Alex GoertzMr. Edwin Westergaard
Mr. Robert W. HannaMrs. Melanie Kaye Marquardt Westergaard
Mrs. Theresa HannaMr. Eric W. Wieduwilt
Mrs. Alicia R. HasbrouckMrs. Mitzi R. Wieduwilt
Mr. James C. HasbrouckMrs. Nancy Wieduwilt
Ms. Abigail Rose HasenstabMr. Christopher Wilson
Mr. Frank HorowitzMr. Gavin Scott Wilson
Mr. Mike JacksonMr. John Wilson
Mr. Sanil Paras P. JhaveriMs. Rebecca Wilson
Ge Jin, PhDRory Wilson
Hon. Ramey JohnsonMs. Cayley Young
Mr. Walter E. JohnsonMr. Cullen Isaac Young
Mr. David H. JohnstonMs. Patricia A. Young
Mrs. Linda K. Johnston