Celebrate 100 years of GEOPHYSICS at Mines!

World’s First Geophysics Department

Join us in celebrating 100 years of Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines by participating in 100th Anniversary events, attending alumni/student/faculty receptions, and donating to the Geophysics Department’s GP@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund. Your support will contribute to the continued integration of new technologies, development of new curriculum, and a field camp endowment that will position Mines Geophysics at the forefront of earth sustainability.

Geophysics@100 core initiatives

  • Leveraging new technologies to ensure earth sustainability
  • Developing new curriculum to train 21st century geophysicists
  • Ensuring the legacy of field camp for future generations¬†

Mines Geophysics

100th Anniversary Celebration Events

  • Distinguished alumni talks @ Mines and online
  • Alumni/supporter receptions at major conferences
  • GP Day celebrations at worldwide locations
  • Field camp visit days for alumni/supporters

Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund

      • 100@100 Endowment Campaign
      • Supporting innovative and well-resourced fieldwork
      • Accumulated through 100+ donations of $10,000+
      • Available to group or individual donors
      • Including one-time or multi-year pledges

100 Year History of Mines Geophysics





Mines Geophysics


Anniversary Events

January Remote Sensing Challenge Cup
February #idigmines
March Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series
April GP Day at Mines and Around the World
May Field Camp Alumni Weekend
June EAGE Reception
July GP Virtual 5K
August SEG IMAGE Reception, August 29
September Welcome Back BBQ, September 14
October Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series, October 12, To register, contact Noelle Vance at nvance@mines.edu
November GP Gives Workshop for Alumni RSVP here, November 11, Agenda
December AGU Reception RSVP here, December 12

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