Graduate Thesis Library

Since our founding in 1926, Masters and Doctoral graduates in the Department of Geophysics have published more than 900 research theses.  A complete, searchable list of those publications appears below.

Colorado School of Mines no longer publishes hard-bound copies of graduate theses, but has spearheaded an effort to digitize all of them.  Many are now available on-line through the Arthur Lakes Library.  For a thesis not available in electronic format, print copies may be available for purchase via the Library’s digitization page.  


Last NameFirst NameDegreeYearAdvisorTitle
SavidgeElenaPhD2024Siegfried, MattInvestigating Antarctic ice-ocean processes using satellite and in situ observations
James-RavenellMartisMS2024Jin, GeQuantitative analysis of in-well distributed acoustic sensing measurements during hydraulic fracturing
CarmichaelJamesMS2024Simmons, James L.The challenges of geophysical processes and interpretation of an unconventional play: A case study from Wattenberg Field, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado
CherayilJosephMS2024Simmons, James L.DAS VSP in the Gulf of Mexico: Amplitude of PP and PS reflections
JamesMaureenMS2024Prasad, ManikaSeal-leakage analysis and forward modeling of a CO2 sequestration site
AlSaadAliMS2024Prasad, ManikaFluid saturation estimation using full waveform inversion (FWI): A controlled laboratory experiment
HartSkyeMS2024Li, YaoguoEstimating remanent magnetization from aeromagnetic date for geologic applications
HermanDavidMS2024Tura, AliCharacterization of the deep saline aquafers suitable for carbon sequestration modeling post-injection seismic signatures: Southeast Colorado
SilvaWerterMS2024Sava, Paul C.Seismic imaging by nonlinear inversion
AlmuteriKhalidPhD2023Sava, Paul C.Modeling and imaging marine vibrator data
LowJaredMS2023Krahenbuhl, Richard A.Mapping ancient structures and demonstrating integrated archaeological geophysics at Huacas De Moche, Peru
LiuYanhuaPhD2023Tsvankin, IlyaFull-waveform inversion of time-lapse seismic data using physics-based and data-driven techniques
AlzahraniHaniPhD2023Shragge, Jeffrey C.RNN seismic velocity model building: Improving generalization using a frequency-stepping approach and hybrid training data
HeldMarihelenMS2023Tura, Ali4D Simultaneous PP-PS prestack inversion: The Edvard Grieg Field, Norwegian North Sea
RabaanAliMS2023Tura, AliSeismic amplitude fidelity study for quantitative analysis and its relation to stack-based signal-to-noise ratio estimation in the SEAM arid Model, with Application to Field Data from the Powder River Basin
BufalizaNicolasMS2023Prasad, ManikaQuantitative seismic characterization for low saturation gas reservoirs: A case study in magallanes formation, Austral Basin, Argentina
DarrhAndreaPhD2023Li, YaoguoUnderstanding information content in multiparameter and multiphysical inversions: An investigation using magnetotelluric and magnetic data sets
LiuYoufangPhD2023Simmons, James L.Application of multicomponent seismic and distributed acoustic sensing data to unconventional reservoir development
de Souza BezerraMoacyrPhD2023Simmons, James L.Shallow seafloor characterization using deep-water Ocean-Bottom-Cable data: Jubarte Field, offshore Brazil
SethiHarpreetPhD2023Tsvankin, IlyaEfficient modeling and waveform inversion of multicomponent seismic data for anisotropic media
YangJihyunPhD2023Shragge, Jeffrey C.Near-surface seismic characterization and monitoring: A dense seismic acquisition perspective
KirazMertPhD2023Snieder, Roelof K.Data-driving and machine learning approaches for suppression of multiply reflected seismic waves
Jaimes CaballeroManuelPhD2023Snieder, Roelof K.Spatio-temporal distribution of seismic wave fields and intensities: Active source focusing and energy transfer in strongly scattering media
PawelecIgaPhD2023Sava, Paul C.Enhancing land seismic data with compressive sensing and processing
ChengLiweiPhD2022Tura, AliAdvanced formation evaluation and seismic imaging of the Raudhatain Field, Kuwait
SaengdueanPatipanPhD2022Snieder, Roelof K.Wavefield reconstruction using seismic interferometry and compressive sensing
ZhangMengliPhD2022Li, YaoguoErgodic sampling theory: Efficient and economical geophysical data acquisition design
KohnkeColtonPhD2022Li, YaoguoNovel approaches in electromagnetic methods using reparameterization and machine learning with application to monitoring geological CO2 storage sites
MjehovichJoeMS2022Jin, GeDistributed acoustic sensing applications: from surface to borehole
ZhuXiaoyuMS2022Jin, GeHydraulic fracture monitoring and characterization using low-frequency distributed acoustic sensing and machine learning
TitovAlekseiPhD2022Jin, GeQuantitative analysis of distributed acoustic sensing data for time-lapse vertical seismic profiling and multiphase flow monitoring
YoungCullenMS2022Shragge, Jeffrey C.Reverse-time migration of a methane gas hydrate distributed acoustic sensing three-dimensional vertical seismic profile dataset
AlyousufTaqiPhD2022Li, YaoguoPhysics-based and machine learning inversions for geophysical characterization of subsurface
OrenCanPhD2022Shragge, Jeffrey C.Elastic time-reverse imaging and transmission tomography for microseismic and DAS VSP data
SinghSagarPhD2022Tsvankin, IlyaApplication of facies constraints and machine learning to full-waveform inversion for anisotropic media
AlabbadMaithamMS2021Prasad, ManikaMachine learning applications for core guided petrophysical analysis
Aquino de AragaoOdettePhD2021Sava, Paul C.Probabilistic model constraints for full-waveform inversion
BartrandJonahMS2021Bradford, John H.Determination of snow water equivalent using ground-9enetrating radar from an aerial platform
DonmezDenizMS2021Swidinsky, AndreiForward modeling and parametric inversion of induced polarization with electromagnetic coupling
DownardAliciaMS2021Simmons, James L.Faulting and natural fracturing across the DJ Basin: Impacts on production from Hereford Field, Northern Colorado
FlammeHannaMS2021Krahenbuhl, Richard A.Integrated geophysical investigation for understanding agriculturally induced landslides in Southern Peru
HuffOwenMS2021Jin, GeMicroseismic guided wave Eigenfunction Theory with application to event depth classification in the Eagle Ford Shale
KonukTugrulPhD2021Shragge, Jeffrey C.Tensorial elastodynamics and acoustodynamics for generalized seismic migration and inversion applications
McAlileyW. AndersonPhD2021Li, YaoguoIncorporating prior information into geophysical inversion: From regularized inversion of thermal data to a framework using conditional Variational Autoencoders
OrujovGurbanPhD2021Swidinsky, AndreiThe electromagnetic response of electrically conductive pipelines and well casings: Algorithms and experimental validation
ParkanNilMS2021Li, YaoguoSeparation of induced and remanent magnetization by using statistical susceptibility data
SchumannHarrisonMS2021Jin, GeEnhanced completion evaluations in unconventional reservoirs: New applications of fiber-optic sensing and machine learning
TitovAlekseiPhD2021Tura, AliQuantitative analysis of distributed acoustic sensing data for time-lapse vertical seismic profiling and multiphase flow monitoring
Al GhaithiAunMS2020Prasad, ManikaDeep learning methods for shear log predictions in the Volve Field Norwegian North Sea
AroraYogeshPhD2020Tsvankin, IlyaProcessing and traveltime inversion of seismic diffractions in anisotropic media
CapriottiJosephPhD2020Li, YaoguoDarcy flow coupled time-lapse gravity inversion for reservoir properties
DamascenoAndreaMS2020Tura, Ali4D quantitative interpretation of Jubarte field (Brazil): an integrated approach
DaneshvarSimaMS2020Simmons, James L.4D simultaneous PP-PS prestack inversion: the Edvard Grieg field, Norwegian North Sea
DwihusnaNadimaMS2020Jin, GeSeismic and well log based machine learning facies classification in the Panoma-Hugoton field, Kansas and Raudhatain field, North Kuwait
Maag-CapriottiElizabethPhD2020Li, YaoguoOn the solution of discrete-valued inverse problems through guided fuzzy c-means clustering
MarberryKristenMS2020Bradford, JohnSubsurface characterization and liquefaction potential assessment of the Spirit Lake Debris blockage at Mount St. Helens, Washington Using Multi-method geophysics
RapstineThomas D.PhD2020Sava, Paul C.Towards airborne measurements of ground displacement
SilvaAtilasMS2020Tura, AliRock physics modeling for quantitative seismic characterization of tight-gas sandstones in Neuque?n Basin, Argentina
SirotaDanaMS2020Shragge, Jeffrey C.Development and validation of low-cost DC resistivity meters for humanitarian geophysics applications
SullivanC. BaneMS2020Trainor-Guitton, WhitneyPyVista: Managing & visualizing geospatial data using an open-source framework
VelasquesMax M.MS2020Simmons, James L.Seismic deblending: using iterative and compressive sensing methods to quantify blending nouse impact on 4d projects
AndersonEthanMS2019Swidinsky, AndreiThe effects of conductive well casings on electromagnetic surveys: Experimental studies and numerical modelling
AtkinsonJaredPhD2019Prasad, ManikaCryogenic penetration and relaxation behavior of dry and icy lunar regolith simulants
BaiTongPhD2019Tsvankin, IlyaModeling, imaging and waveform inversion in attenuative anisotropic media
CorwinPatrickMS2019Simmons, James L.Seismic inversion for the Vaca Muerta Shale of the Neuquen Basin, Argentina
CourvilleSamuel W.MS2019Sava, Paul C.Toward orbital seismology: Theory for speckle noise reduction in laser doppler vibrometer measurements on distant rough surfaces
CuttlerStephenMS2019Swidinsky, AndreiEstimating geoelectric fields for geoelectric hazard assessment: An examination of data and models within complex physiographic zones
DurmusUfukMS2019Simmons, James L.Anisotropic analysis of unconventional reservoirs using rock physics model: Eagle Ford Shale casesStudy
HasanovAzarPhD2019Dugan, Brandon E.Rock Physics Investigations Using Pressure Oscillations
Jarillo MichelOscarPhD2019Tsvankin, IlyaElastic waveform inversion of microseismic data in anisotropic media
JiaXueyi (Alex)PhD2019Snieder, Roelof K.Marchenko imaging for 2D and 3D complex structures?with field applications to sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging
LajoieLiaPhD2019Nissen, EdwinNew approaches to studying shallow fault zone properties with high-resolution topography
Lim Chen NingIvanPhD2019Sava, Paul C.Multicomponent distributed acoustic sensing: Concept, theory, and applications
LiuZhuoMS2019Li, YaoguoEffects of anisotropic magnetic susceptibility in data interpretation and its potential in application
MifkovicMaxMS2019Swidinsky, AndreiImaging ahead of a tunnel boring machine with DC resistivity: A laboratory and numerical study
MurphySamMS2019Simmons, James L.A time-lapse study of microseismic velocity and reflection imaging
PowersHaydenMS2019Trainor-Guitton, WhitneyPredicting oil production from stochastic AVA inversion attributes
PruntyAaronPhD2019Snieder, Roelof K.Target-oriented imaging of acoustic media using unknown and uncontrolled random sources
SchultzWhitneyMS2019Simmons, James L.Time-lapse multicomponent geophone and DAS VSP processing and analysis
TuppenCharles A.MS2019Simmons, James L.Inversion of nine-component land seismic data: A case study in the Eagle Ford Shale
YuXiaodanMS2019Trainor-Guitton, WhitneyA hidden Markov approach for screenout detection in unconventional reservoirs
AkarapatimaThanyanatMS2018Prasad, ManikaModel comparisons of multivariate statistics with theoretical predictions of elastic properties in sandstones
AzizianMitraPhD2018Davis, Thomas L.Stochastic inversion of seismic data by implementing image quilting to build a litho-facies model for reservoir characterization of Delhi Field, LA
BrattonTomPhD2018Davis, Thomas L.Stress induced changes in elastic wave attributes in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA
BrayMatthewPhD2018Davis, Thomas L.Velocity, attenuation, and microseismic uncertainty analysis of the Niobrara and Montney reservoirs
Carvalho Rocha, Jr.DanielPhD2018Sava, Paul C.Wavefield inversion and tomography using the energy norm
CopleyMatthew K.MS2018Tura, AliSeismic characterization of Niobrara fluid and rock properties: A 4D study and multicomponent (3C) analysis
DavesJacquelynMS2018Simmons, James L.Horizontal receiver azimuth orientation estimates and poststack inversion
JansenJohannaPhD2018Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.Small scale gravity anomalies observed in grail gravity data
JreijSamirMS2018Trainor-Guitton, WhitneyThe feasibility of using distributed acoustic sensors in surface seismic application
KarasozenEzgiPhD2018Nissen, EdwinSeismotectonics of Turkey and Iran from calibrated earthquake relocations
LiXunMS2018Snieder, Roelof K.A unified interpretation of nonlinear elasticity in granular solids
LiVladimirPhD2018Tsvankin, IlyaImage-domain wavefield tomography in transversely isotropic media
MeloAline T.PhD2018Li, YaoguoIntegrated quantitative interpretation of multiple geophysical data for geology differentiation
OmarSamaraMS2018Simmons, James L.Multicomponent seismic analysis for velocity variations with azimuth related to horizontal transverse isotropy
PareAndrewMS2018Li, YaoguoDC resistivity inversion for structural information
PawelecIgaMS2018Sava, Paul C.Uncertainty quantification in seismic imaging
PohlMathiasPhD2018Prasad, ManikaUltrasonic and electrical properties of hydrate-bearing sediments
SafipourRoxanaPhD2018Swidinsky, AndreiElectrical and electromagnetic methods for submarine massive sulfide exploration: A case study of the Palinuro Seamount, Tyrrhenian Sea
SchindlerMandyPhD2018Prasad, ManikaOn pore-scale imaging and elasticity of unconsolidated sediments
WibowoNoorPhD2018Davis, Thomas L.Seismic reservoir characterization of the Najmah Formation, Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait
AlfataiergeAhmedMS2017Benson, Robert D.3D modeling and characterization of hydraulic fracture efficiency integrated with 4D/9C time-lapse seismic interpretations in the Niobrara Formation, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin
Andrade de AlmeidaLucasMS2017Sava, Paul C.Seismic data interpolation using sparsity cnstrained inversion
BaileyAustin R.MS2017Benson, Robert D.Examination of Anisotropy Using Amplitude Variation with Angle and Azimuth (AVAZ) in the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
BalzaAndreaMS2017Li, YaoguoJoint interpretation of time-lapse gravity data and production data for a gas reservoir
Barbosa MurilloPaulaMS2017Davis, Thomas L.Sequence stratigraphic analysis & anisotropic elastic moduli determination of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
BlossBenjaminMS2017Swidinsky, AndreiPowerline contamination in time-domain electromagnetic data: Experiment, theory, and basic building blocks
BoonyasatphanPratMS2017Benson, Robert D.Reservoir Characterization for Unconventional Resource Potential, Pitsanulok Basin, Onshore Thailand
Convers GomezCarlosMS2017Benson, Robert D.Prediction of reservoir properties for geomechanical analysis using 3-D seismic data and rock physics modeling in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuqu‚n Basin, Argentina
GrechishnikovaAlenaPhD2017Davis, Thomas L.Niobrara discrete fracture network: From outcrop surveys to subsurface reservoir models
HarryandiSheilaMS2017Tura, AliFacies modeling using 3D pre-stack simultaneous seismic inversion and multi-attribute probability neural network transform in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado
HorvathDavidPhD2017Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.Planetary hydrology: Implications for the past Martian climate and present Titan Lake hydrology using numerical models of the Hydrologic Cycles on Titan and Mars
JohnsonJames R.MS2017Davis, Thomas L.Applications of geostatistical seismic inversion to the Vaca Muerta, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
JohnsonKendraPhD2017Nissen, EdwinApplications of high resolution topography in tectonic geomorphology
KohnkeColton J.MS2017Swidinsky, AndreiElectromagnetic effects of steel-cased wells
NorthRyan E.PhD2017Li, YaoguoThe effects of wideband complex electromagnetic properties of soils on geophysical sensor performance
NurhasanAbdullahPhD2017Davis, Thomas L.4D Processing and time-lapse azimuthal amplitude analysis using legacy surveys for Niobrara Reservoir Characterization, Wattenberg Field, Colorado
PattnaikSonaliMS2017Tsvankin, IlyaFull waveform inversion with reflected waves for acoustic 2D VTI media
UtleyJacobMS2017Benson, Robert D.Time-lapse PP seismic to characterize stimulation and production behavior in the Niobrara and Codell Reservoirs Wattenberg Field, Colorado, US
YinQianMS2017Krahenbuhl, Richard A.Time-lapse gravity data at Prudhoe Bay: New understanding through integration with reservoir simulation models
AndrewsBenMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Shear-wave splitting and attenuation analysis of downhole microseismic data for reservoir characterization of the Montney Formation, Pouce Coupe, Alberta
AriasEliasMS2016Hale, Ira D.Seismic slope estimation: Analyses in 2D/3D
Avila VizuettKarlaMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Application of the seismic quality factor versus offset and azimuth (QVOA) for fractured reservoir characterization
BridgesMasonMS2016Prasad, ManikaMechanical properties of the Niobrara
BrushJenniferMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Faults and fractures in the Niobrara Formation of Wattenberg Field, Colorado
ButlerEmilyMS2016Davis, Thomas L.P-wave seismic time-lapse analysis of horizontal well completions causing pressure compartmentalization
Diaz PantinEsteban FernandoPhD2016Sava, Paul C.Extended imaging and tomography under two-way operators
DuanYutingPhD2016Sava, Paul C.Elastic wavefield migration and tomography
EppehimerJarredMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Spatio-temporal microseismic analysis of the Woodford Shale, Canadian County, Oklahoma
FoksN. LeonPhD2016Li, YaoguoUsing adaptive sampling and triangular meshes for the processing and inversion of potential field data
GrazulisAlexandra K.MS2016Davis, Thomas L.Analysis of stress and geomechanical properties in the Niobrara Formation of Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA
KamathNishantPhD2016Tsvankin, IlyaFull-waveform inversion in 2D VTI media
MabreyAlexandriaMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Rock quality index for Niobrara horizontal well drilling and completion optimization, Wattenberg Field, Colorado
MuellerStaciMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Application of time-lapse seismic shear wave inversion to characterize the stimulated rock volume in the Niobrara and Codell Reservoirs, Wattenberg Field, CO
PaskvichStephenMS2016Davis, Thomas L.Phase-shift measurement analyses of time-lapse multicomponent seismic data over a multi-well hydraulic stimulation, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin
SinghSatyanPhD2016Snieder, Roelof K.An inverse scattering approach to imaging using Marchenko equations in the presence of a free surface
WangHuiMS2016Tsvankin, IlyaSeismic waveform modeling and inversion in acoustic orthorhombic media
WuXinmingPhD2016Hale, Ira D.3D seismic image processing for interpretation
Carvalho Rocha, Jr.DanielMS2015Sava, Paul C.Wavefield imaging using the energy norm
DudleyColton M.MS2015Davis, Thomas L.Integrating horizontal borehole imagery and cluster analysis with microseismic data for Niobrara/Codell Reservoir characterization, Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA
Fernandez-ConchesoJorge E.MS2015Davis, Thomas L.Characterizing an unconventional reservoir with conventional seismic data: A case study using seismic inversion for the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
GayerJames L.MS2015Prasad, ManikaArtificial maturation of oil shale: the Irati formation from the Parana Basin, Brazil
GrazianoChristopher F.MS2015Hale, Ira D.Wavelets and warping PS seismic images
GuzmanSusanaMS2015Li, YaoguoForward modeling and inversion of potential field data using partial differential equations
Jarillo MichelOscarMS2015Tsvankin, IlyaEstimation of microseismic source parameers by anisotropic waveform inversion
KeenanJamesMS2015Davis, Thomas L.Stress prediction, fracture detection, and multiple attribute analysis of seismic attributes in a Barnett shale gas reservoir, Fort Worth basin, Texas
KnaakAllisonPhD2015Snieder, Roelof K.3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics
MarkeyCraigMS2015Davis, Thomas L.Geophysical properties of carbon monoxide when used as an enhanced oil recovery agent
MartinezCericia D.PhD2015Li, YaoguoQuantitative interpretation of airborne gravity gradiometry data for mineral exploration
MeyerClintonMS2015Revil, AndreA laboratory investigation of the thermoelectric effect in clean silica sands
MotamediTaranehMS2015Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse characterization of the Niobrara Reservoir from multicomponent seismic data, Wattenberg Field, Colorado
PedrassiMauricioMS2015Davis, Thomas L.Application of waveform tomography at Campos Basin field, Brazil
PitcherTravis M.MS2015Davis, Thomas L.Joint geophysical and geomechanical analysis of in-situ stress, Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA
RapstineThomas D.MS2015Li, YaoguoGravity gradiometry and seismic interpretation integration using spatially guided fuzzy C-means clustering inversion
RittgersJustin B.PhD2015Revil, AndreActive and passive electrical and seismic time-lapse monitoring of earthen embankments
SunJiajiaPhD2015Li, YaoguoJoint inversion of multiple geophysical data and its application to geology differentiation
TamimiNaserPhD2015Davis, Thomas L.Determination of seismic anisotropy parameters from multicomponent vertical seismic profiles for improved seismic imaging and reservoir characterization
VinalIreneMS2015Davis, Thomas L.Multicomponent seismic monitoring of stress arching in the overburden due to hydraulic fracturing in the Montney Shale at Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada
WheelerLoraleeMS2015Hale, Ira D.Automatic and simultaneous correlation of multiple well logs
WhiteMatthew D.MS2015Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse interpretation of P-wave data for a hydraulically fractured reservoir, Wttenberg Field, Colorado
WisniewskiMatthew J.MS2015Prasad, ManikaA geophysical investigation of Jersey Valley geothermal field using magnetotelluric and gravity data
WoodruffWilliam F.PhD2015Revil, AndreMultiscale properties of unconventional reservoir rocks
ZhangJunweiPhD2015Revil, AndreParts-based geophysical inversion with application to water flooding interface detection and geological facies detection
ZhouJieyiPhD2015Revil, AndreStructure-constrained image-guided inversion of geophysical data
BazarganiFarhadPhD2014Snieder, Roelof K.Optimal wave focusing for seismic source imaging
ChinaemeremKanuPhD2014Snieder, Roelof K.Time-lapse monitoring of localized changes within heterogeneous media with scattered waves
ColemanCamriel A.MS2014Li, YaoguoRefining magnetic amplitude methodology for use in the presence of remanent magnetization
ComptonStefanMS2014Hale, Ira D.Automatic multicomponent image registration
Diaz PantinEsteban FernandoMS2014Sava, Paul C.Understanding the reverse time migration backscattering: noise or signal?
DoumaJohannesMS2014Snieder, Roelof K.Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: theoretical, numerical and experimental studies
DuenasClaudiaMS2014Davis, Thomas L.Understanding rock quality heterogeneity of Montney Shale Reservoir, Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada
El KhouryPaulMS2014Revil, AndreAn investigation of the seismoelectric beamforming imaging technique
HasanovAzarMS2014Batzle, Michael L.Reservoir transport and poroelastic properties from oscillating pore pressure experiments
IttharatDetchaiMS2014Sava, Paul C.3D radio reflection imaging of asteroid interiors
KreeprasertkulKrittiMS2014Davis, Thomas L.Joint inversion of 9C 3D seismic data for reservoir characterization in the Bakken Formation, Banner Field, Mountrail County, North Dakota
LeeMatthew J.MS2014Davis, Thomas L.Source mechanism characterization and integrated interpretation of microseismic data monitoring two hydraulic stimulations in Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta
LuoSimonPhD2014Hale, Ira D.Improved methods of reflection seismic data processing for velocity estimation, imaging, and interpretation
MacFarlaneTyler L.MS2014Davis, Thomas L.Amplitude inversion of fast and slow converted waves for fracture characterization of the Montney Formation in Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada
MunozAndrewMS2014Hale, Ira D.Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties
PutmanBrent D.MS2014Li, YaoguoAspects of time-lapse electrical resistivity monitoring in geotechnical and reservoir problems
ReitzAnya M.MS2014Krahenbuhl, Richard A.Feasability of time-lapse gravity gradiometry for reservoir monitoring
RodriguesPatricia E.PhD2014Batzle, Michael L.Shear modulus of heavy oils, rheometer measurements: confinement effect and amplitude dependence
RydzyMarisa B.PhD2014Batzle, Michael L.The effect of hydrate formation on the elastic properties of unconsolidated sediment
ShekarBarathPhD2014Tsvankin, IlyaModeling, evaluation, ans asymptotic analysis of attenuation anisotropy
AbdullaMohamedMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Numerical investigation of coal seam gas detection using airborne electromagnetics
AtshanImad O.MS2013Davis, Thomas L.Waterflood monitoring using borehole self-potential data
BarnierGuillaumeMS2013Revil, AndreDetecting electrical and hydraulic heterogeities using seimic focusing and seismoelectric conversions
Bishop, Jr.John E.MS2013Davis, Thomas L.Multicomponent seisimic monitoring of strain due to CO2 injection at Delhi Field, Louisiana
BrogginiFilippoPhD2013Snieder, Roelof K.Wave field autofocsing and applications to multidimensional deconvolution and imaging with internal multiples
CaiPengfeiMS2013Tsvankin, IlyaJoint migration velocity analysis of PP- and PS-waves for VTI media
Carvajal MenesesCarla C.MS2013Davis, Thomas L.Dynamic reservoir characterization using 4D multicomponent seismic data and rock physics modeling at Delhi field, Louisiana
CarvalhoMarianaMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Analysis of the repeatability of time-lapse 3D VSP multicomponent surveys, Delhi Field
ComegysLillian R.MS2013Davis, Thomas L.9C-3D seismic interpretation of the Bakken formation, Banner field, North Dakota
DavisBrian J.MS2013Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.Erosion-driven uplift and tectonics at Valles Marineris, Mars
Forghani-AraniFarnoushPhD2013Batzle, Michael L.Analysis and suppression of passive noise in surface microseismic data
HaasAllan K.PhD2013Revil, AndreExternal detection and localization of well leaks in aquifer zones
IkardScottPhD2013Revil, AndreGeoelectric monitoring of seepage in porous media with engineering applications to earthen dams
IronsTrevor P.PhD2013Li, YaoguoA flexible automatically adaptive surface nuclear magnetic resonance modelling and inversion framework incorporating complex data and static dephasing dynamics
KarasozenEzgiMS2013Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.The formation mechanism of South Tharsis Ridge Belt, Mars
KwonMyoung JaeMS2013Snieder, Roelof K.Two unconventional approaches to electromagnetic inversion: hierarchial Bayesian inversion and inverse scattering series
LubisMuhammad Husni MubarakMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse 3D VSP monitoring of a CO2 injection project at Delhi Field, Louisiana
MacLennanKristopherPhD2013Revil, AndreMethods for addressing noise and error in controlled source electromagnetic data
MahardikaHarryPhD2013Revil, AndreCoupled Hydromechanical and Electromagnetic Responses in Unsaturated Porous Media: Theory, Observation, and Numerical Simulations
MartinKathrynMS2013Li, YaoguoDetecting the presence of two hydrogen bearing fluids through the T2 distribution under cirmcumstances similar to those found in near surface NMR
MartinsLuiz M. R.MS2013Davis, Thomas L.From OBC seismic to porosity volume: a pre-stack analysis of a turbidite reservoir, Deepwater Campos Basin, Brazil
NakataNorimitsuPhD2013Snieder, Roelof K.Seismic interferometry for temporal monitoring
PerroneFrancescoPhD2013Sava, Paul C.Wavefield tomography using image-warping
PutriIndah HermansyahMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse AVO fluid inversion for dynamic reservoir characterization in Delhi Field, Louisiana
SchiltzKelsey KristineMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Multicomponent seismic reservoir characterization of a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) heavy oil project, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta
SinghParistoshPhD2013Davis, Thomas L.Processing, inversion, and interpretation of 9C-3D seismic data for characterizing the Morrow A Sandstone, Postle Field, Oklahoma
SmithSteven S.PhD2013Tsvankin, IlyaModeling and inversion of stress-induced multicomponent seismic time shifts
SteinhoffChristopherMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Multicomponent seismic monitoring of the effective stimulated volume associated with hydraulic fracture simulations in a shale reservoir, Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada
WandlerAaron VallejoPhD2013Davis, Thomas L.Estimating the influence of stress on elastic wave velocities from measurements made at different scales on sandstone facies
WoolfRachel VestMS2013Li, YaoguoTime lapse gravity monitoring at Coso geothermal field
YangTongningPhD2013Sava, Paul C.Wavefield tomography using extended images
ZeiglerLoren MichelleMS2013Davis, Thomas L.Modeling and mapping the effect of heat and pressure outside a SAGD steam chamber using time-lapse multicomponent seismic data, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta
BibolovaAssemMD2012Davis, Thomas L.Prediction of petrophysical properties from p-wave seismic data, Delhi Field, Louisiana
ElbahariaMohammadMS2012Batzle, Michael L.High temperature characterization of oil shales: the Green River formation
FishAshley M.MS2012Sava, Paul C.Microseismic velocity inversion and event location using reverse time imaging
FleuryClementPhD2012Snieder, Roelof K.Wave propagation in complex media, scattering theory, and application to seismic imaging
HavensJesseMS2012Batzle, Michael L.Mechanical properties of the Bakken formation
KassMason AndrewPhD2012Li, YaoguoQuantitative analysis and interpretation of multichannel electromagnetic data through principal component analysis and regularized inversion
KattoumYaserMS2012Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.Evidence of ring-faults in Orientale from gravity
MaYongPhD2012Hale, Ira D.Waveform-based velocity estimation from reflection seismic data
MinXinhuiMS2012Davis, Thomas L.Spectral decomposition applied to multicomponent seismic interpretation at Postle Field, Texas County, Oklahoma
Newton IVConrad M.MS2012Snieder, Roelof K.Estimating intrinsic attenuation from seismic interferometry and time reversal
O'BrienSean J.MS2012Davis, Thomas L.Shear wave splitting seismic analysis to monitor caprock integrity at Delhi field, LA and its applications for carbon sequestration
RamdaniAhmad IhsanMS2012Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse AVO analysis and interpretation for reservoir characterization of Delhi field, Louisiana
RobinsonHolly CaseyMS2012Davis, Thomas L.Seismic reservoir characterization of distributary channel sandstones in the lower Cretaceous Paluxy Reservoir, Delhi Field, Louisiana
Vega DiazAndrea C.MS2012Davis, Thomas L.Time-lapse density prediction for reservoir characterization using probabilistic neural networks at Postle Field, Texas County, Oklahoma
Velasquez-EspejoAntonio JoseMS2012Davis, Thomas L.3D multicomponent seisimic characterization of a clastic reservoir in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia
WangXiaoxiangPhD2012Tsvankin, IlyaAnistropic velocity analysis of P-wave reflection and borehole data
WhiteIsabelMS2012Davis, Thomas L.Passive seismic monitoring of CO2 injection at Delhi Field, Louisiana
FrigerioJulio OlivaMS2011Time-lapse seismic investigation of CO2 injection at Delhi Field, northeastern Louisiana
GodwinJeffrey A.MS2011Blended source imaging by amplitude encoding
HammBrianne DouthitPhD2011Ground penetrating radar field data and computational modeling for studying hibernating wildlife and subsurface antennas
HeiglWerner M.PhD2011On the holder regularity of well logs
MaldonadoAlejandra C.MS2011Elastic and mechanical properties of the Niobrara formation with application to hydraulic fracture design
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