Jeffrey Shragge

Associate Professor, Geophysics

Jeffrey Shragge

Labs and Research Centers


  • PhD, Geophysics, Stanford University
  • MSc, Geophysics, University of British Columbia
  • BScH, Physics, Queen’s University

Research Areas

  • 3D acoustic and elastic wave propagation, 3D/4D velocity inversion,
  • 3D/4D Reverse-time migration (RTM), wave-equation migration,
  • rock physics, computational geometry and differential meshing
  • Near-surface geophysics: Ground penetrating radar, magnetics, conductivity profiling, resistivity, seismic reflection/refraction
  • General Purpose GPU computing, CUDA
  • Parallel Programming (OpenMP, MPI)
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing
  • Microseismic Elastic Velocity Estimation and Event Imaging


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  • Shragge, J., D. Lumley, J. Bourget,  T. Potter, T. Miyoshi, B. Witten,  J. Giraud, T. Wilson, A. Iqbal, M. Niri, and B. Whitney, 2019, The Western Australia Modelling (WAMo) Project. Part 2: Seismic Validation: Accepted in Interpretation.
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  • Shragge, J., 2014, Reverse-time migration from topography: Geophysics, 79, no. 4, P1-P12.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2018, ICGEG Annual Meeting Best Presentation Award (Co-author)
  • 2014 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early-Career Research, UWA
  • 2013 Best Student Paper (Matt Saul, co-advisee), SEG Annual Meeting
  • 2012 Best Paper (Seismology) Award, ASEG Meeting (with D. Lumley)
  • 2010 J. Clarence Karcher Award, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SEG