100 Years in Geophysics at Mines Timeline


1926 – Geophysics Department established at Colorado School of Mines
1927 – First Geophysics course taught by Dr. Carl Heiland,
1940 – Department of Geophysics moved to brand new Berthoud Hall
1949 – Geophysical Engineering Degree established
1962 – Establishment of the World Wide Standard Seismograph Network Station #43 (Cecil H. Green Geophysical Observatory), Bergen Park, CO
1960’s – Northeast Denver Derby Earthquakes due to Rocky Mountain Arsenal Disposal Well, documented by Mines Geophysics’ Maurice Major

Green Center

1972 – Department of Geophysics moved to the brand new Cecil H. and Ida Green Graduate and Professional Center
1980-1984 – W.M. Keck Foundation funds the Cyber 170 Series Model 720 Supercomputer
1983 – Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) established
1984 – Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP) established
1991 – Green Center Renovation for IBM Geoscience Computing Center
1994 – Center for Rock Abuse established with lab equipment donation from ARCO, name changed to Center for Rock and Fluid Multiphysics (2021)
1999 – Gravity and Magnetics Research Consortium established
2005 – Center for Gravity, Electrical, and Magnetic Studies (CGEM) established
2006 – Green Center South Elevator Addition2006 – Green Center South Elevator Addition
2018-2020 – Green Center Renovation