Geophysics at Mines Vision


Geophysics @ Mines: MISSION


The Mines Geophysics program will equip graduates with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary skills (physics, geology, mathematics, computing, electronics) aimed at addressing relevant applied geoscience and engineering challenges linking society with:


  • effective exploration of the Earth and other planetary bodies
  • sustainable use of natural (energy, mineral, water) resources
  • responsible stewardship of the environment


Broad research portfolio covering all geoscience aspects of Earth, energy, and environment.

International leadership of large, diverse and high-profile international research teams.


A curriculum integrated with other programs to leverage Geophysics’ multidisciplinary nature.

A distinctive program integrating teaching and research on topics of broad societal relevance.

A diversified research portfolio addressing a multitude of societally relevant topics.

Expanded partnerships and participation in long duration, multi-institution research programs.


Growing student enrollment aligned with the expanding research scope and reputation.

A diverse faculty covering broader research and matching the student demographics.

Modernized lab space with access to new instrumentation, and research environment.

Expanded makerspace supporting development of novel instruments, robotics, and automation.