Geophysics at Mines Today

  • Faculty: 12 T/TT, 4 joint, 4 research, 6 adjunct, 2 affiliate, 6 emeriti
  • Staff: 1 admin, 2 research, 2 lab, 1 computer
  • Graduate students: 56
  • Undergraduate students: 70
  • Postdocs: 12
    : 12

GP@100 Initiatives

Expanding effort on research tuned to issues of societal relevance with global reach and impact.

Support of diverse multinational geoscience research on a growing research portfolio.


A self-consistent and streamlined curriculum developing fundamental geophysical skills.

A flexible program allowing course customization from a larger set of electives.

An expanding research program addressing broader Earth, energy and environment topics.

Growing research funding from industry as well as government agencies like NSF, DOE, NASA,…


 Successful faculty hiring expanding the research scope and expertise and improving demographics.

Modernized office space, facilitating professional interaction, collaboration and joint research.

Growing computing resources and access to cloud facilities for large-scale computing.