Mines at SEG 2019 San Antonio

The Department will host several events in conjunction with this year’s SEG 89th Annual Meeting and International Exposition in San Antonio.  We hope you will join us!  You need not be registered for the conference to attend.

If you plan to attend SEG, see us at Booth #1041 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center!

Mines Presenters and Workshop Organizers at SEG San Antonio

Please click here for a printable/PDF version of this list.

Day/DateStart TimeSessionRoomPRESENTERAuthor(s)TITLE
Monday, Sept 163:30 PMDAS 1221CJihyun YangJeffrey Shragge and Jihyun Yang*, CWP; Nader A Issa and Michael Roelens, Terra15 Pty Ltd; Michael Dentith and Sascha Schediwy, Univ of W. AustraliaLow-frequency ambient Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): Useful for subsurface investigation?
Monday, Sept 163:30 PMSGS 1304BCarlos ConversCarlos Convers*, Tom Davis, and Ali Tura, RCP; David Curia, Wintershall Energia Argentina; and Christian Hanitzsch, Wintershall Norge ASElastic parameter estimation for sweet spot identification in unconventional shale plays, Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuqu‚n Basin, Argentina
Monday, Sept 163:55 PMFWI P2Poster Station 10Colton KohnkeColton Kohnke and Paul Sava, CWPInversion of vector-acoustic data in a local domain
Monday, Sept 164:20 PMSM 1304AHarpreet SethiHarpreet Singh, Jeffrey Shragge, and Ilya Tsvankin, CWPCoupled-domain acoustic-elastic solver for anisotropic media: A mimetic finite difference approach
Tuesday, Sept 178:30 AMSS 4303BAleksei TitovAleksei Titov*, Gary Binder, Youfang Liu, James Simmons, and Ali Tura, RCP; and Grant Byerley and David Monk, Apache CorpObservations and modeling of scattered waves from hydraulic fractures in a DAS VSP experiment in the Permian Basin
Tuesday, Sept 179:20 AMSS 4303BGary BinderGary Binder and Dwaipayan Chakraborty, RCPDetecting microseismic events in downhole distributed acoustic sensing data using convolutional neural networks
Tuesday, Sept 1710:35 AMGM 1214DElizabeth Maag-CapriottiElizabeth Maag-Capriotti and Yaoguo Li, CGEMUnderstanding the influence of different forms of prior information in gravity gradiometry imaging of a salt body
Tuesday, Sept 1711:00 AMEMRS 1225CAndy McAlileyW. Anderson McAliley?, CGEM; Benjamin R. Bloss, USGS; Trevor Irons, and Nathan Moodie, Univ of Utah; and Richard Krahenbuhl, and Yaoguo Li, CGEM, Dept of Geophysics Analysis of land-based CSEM data for CO2 monitoring at Bell Creek, MT
Tuesday, Sept 171:50 PMGM 2214DJoseph CapriottiJoseph Capriotti and Yaoguo Li, CGEMEquivalent source processing of vector gravity data
Tuesday, Sept 173:30 PMEMRS 2225CGurban OrujovGurban Orujov*, Ethan Anderson and Andrei Swidinsky, EMREX; and Rita Streich, Shell Global Solutions International BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Towards modeling the electromagnetic response of complex pipelines using the Method of Moments
Tuesday, Sept 174:20 PMDAS 2221CWhitney SchultzWhitney Shultz and James Simmons, RCP3D DAS VSP in unconventionals: A case study
Tuesday, Sept 174:45 PMSS 5301BRichard KrahenbuhlRichard A. Krahenbuhl*, Yaoguo Li, and W. Andy McAliley,CGEM; Nathan Moodie?, Trevor Irons, Energy and Geoscience Institute, Univ of Utah; and Benjamin R. Bloss, USGSIntegrated model construction for CO2-EOR monitoring via charged-wellbore casing controlled-source electromagnetics
Wednesday, Sept 188:30 AMANI 4221CTong BaiTong Bai and Ilya Tsvankin, CWPSource-independent waveform inversion for attenuation estimation in VTI media
Wednesday, Sept 189:20 AMACQ 4221AIga PawelecIga Pawelec and Paul Sava, CWP; and Michael Wakin, SINE Center for Research in Signals and NetworksWavefield reconstruction using wavelet transform
Wednesday, Sept 189:45 AMSPMNR P3Poster Station 12Xueyi JiaXueyi Jia, CWP; Yang Zhao, Aramco Service Company; and Roel Snieder, CWP Data interpolation for 3D Marchenko Green?s function retrieval
Wednesday, Sept 1810:10 AMANI 4221CYogesh AroraYogesh Arora and Ilya Tsvankin, CWPFinite-difference solution of linearized eikonal equation for transversely isotropic media
Wednesday, Sept 1810:10 AMFWI 5225BSagar SinghSagar Singh* and Ilya Tsvankin, CWP, and Ehsan Zabihi Naeini, Ikon ScienceBayesian approach to facies-constrained waveform inversion for VTI media
Wednesday, Sept 1811:25 AMACQ 4221AAnna TitovaAnna Titova*, RCP, Michael B. Wakin, and Ali Tura, RCPMutual coherence in compressive sensing seismic acquisition
Wednesday, Sept 1811:25 AMANI 4221COscar Jarillo MichelOscar Jarillo Michel and Ilya Tsvankin, CWPElastic waveform inversion of downhole microseismic data for 3D VTI models
Wednesday, Sept 1811:25 AMBG 1217CRichard KrahenbuhlRichard A. Krahenbuhl*, CGEM; Anya Reitz, CGEM, and BP America, Inc.; Yaoguo Li, CGEM; Hyoungrea Rim, CGEM, and Pusan National Univ; and Sean Wagner, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.Time-lapse borehole vector gravity for reservoir monitoring
Wednesday, Sept 181:50 PMPS 2217BCan OrenCan Oren and Jeffrey Shragge, CWP3D anisotropic elastic time-reverse imaging of surface-recorded microseismic data
Wednesday, Sept 181:50 PMST 1303BAaron PruntyAaron Prunty and Roel Snieder, CWPImaging, focusing, and inversion with the linear sampling method
Wednesday, Sept 182:15 PMST 1303BAaron PruntyAaron Prunty and Roel Snieder, CWPAn exact imaging technique for the acoustic inverse scattering problem
Wednesday, Sept 184:20 PMSM 5304ATugrul KonukTugrul Konuk and Jeffrey Shragge, CWP3D tensorial elastodynamics for anisotropic media
Thursday, Sept 198:30 AMWorkshop W1302BGe Zhan, BP; Yingping Li, Shell; Bjorn Olofsson, ExxonMobil; Ge Jin, ConocoPhillips (now with CSM); Michael Craven, Chevron; Arthur Cheng, NUS; Elita Li, NUS; Michel Verliac, Total; Xin Wang, ChevronDAS - Part 1: Recent Advances in Subsurface Characterization using Distributed Acoustic Sensing and the Road Ahead
Thursday, Sept 198:30 AMWorkshop W3221CAzra Tutuncu, CSM; Stephan Gelinsky, Shell; Jacques Leveille, Ion; Cengiz Esmersoy, Schlumberger; Dan Ebrom, Equinor; Ali Mese, Geomechanics Engineering and ResearchIntegrated Geophysical and Geomechanical Evaluation of Induced Seismicity
Thursday, Sept 198:30 AMWorkshop W6221AJim Gaiser, GGC; Henri Houllevigue, Total; Jim Simmons, CSMJoint Imaging/Inversion of S-waves with P-waves: Advances in Characterizing Overburden, Elastic Models and Petrophysical Properties related to Conventional and Unconventional Reservoir Development
Thursday, Sept 198:30 AMWorkshop W10304BEd Biegert, Geoscientist; Yaoguo Li, CSM; Jean M. Legault, Geotech Ltd.; Aline Tavares de Melo, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; Ken Witherly, Condor Consulting; Cara Schiek-Stewart, Shell; Manik Talwani, Rice UniversityMisac Nabighian Memorial Workshop
Friday, Sept 208:30 AMWorkshop W20221CHendratta Ali, Fort Hays State University; Nazmul Haque Mondol, University of Oslo; Manika Prasad, CSMRock Physics Implications of CO2 Injection in the Subsurface