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Mines Events at SEG Anaheim

Mines Presenters and Workshop Organizers at SEG Anaheim

Below is the list of Mines faculty and staff, and recently graduated students, who will present their research at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists 88th Annual Meeting and International Exposition in Anaheim, California, October 15 – 19, 2018.  Please click here for a printable PDF version of this list.

See us at Booth #725 in Anaheim!

Monday, October 152:40 pmEM P1Poster Stn 13Andrei SwidinksyOn tilted transmitters in time-domain electromagnetics
Monday, October 153:30 pmPS 1CC 208AGary BinderNeural networks for moment-tensor inversion of surface microseismic data
Monday, October 154:45 pmACQ 1CC 210CIga PawelecUncertainty quantification for land-seismic acquisition
Tuesday, October 168:30 amPS 2CC 208AMatthew BrayIncreasing accuracy and precision for microseismic interpretation
Tuesday, October 168:55 amRP 2CC 202AAzar HasanovEffective stress law for permeability of a mudstone sample
Tuesday, October 1610:10 amGM 1CC 213BYaoguo LiOn the zero-level curves and surfaces in potential fields
Tuesday, October 1611:00 amGM 1CC 213BYaoguo LiA level-set approach for joint inversion of surface and borehole magnetic data
Tuesday, October 1611:00 amRC 2CC 209AMitra AzizianStochastic inversion of seismic data by implementing image quilting to build a lithofacies model for reservoir characterization of Delhi Field, LA
Tuesday, October 1611:00 amTL 2CC 204CGary BinderTime delays from stress-induced velocity changes around fractures in a time-lapse DAS VSP
Tuesday, October 1611:25 amMS 2CC 213ASamara Omar9-C seismic VVAZ in HTI media: A synthetic study on the Niobrara Reservoir
Tuesday, October 161:50 pmRP 3CC 202AManika PrasadInduced-polarization measurements of sandstones under elevated pressure
Tuesday, October 161:50 pmSPMNR 2CC 211AXueyi Jia3D Marchenko redatuming
Tuesday, October 162:15 pmNS P3Poster Stn 4Adam MangelImaging changes in moisture within living tree trunks using ground-penetrating radar
Tuesday, October 162:15 pmANI P1Poster Stn 18Yogesh AroraAnalysis of tip and edge diffractions in dip-angle gathers for orthorhombic media
Tuesday, October 162:40 pmGM 2CC 213BZhuo LiuEffect of anisotropic magnetic susceptibility and potential applications
Tuesday, October 163:30 pmNS P3Poster Stn 4Max MifikovicImaging ahead of tunnel boring machines with DC resistivity: A laboratory study
Tuesday, October 164:20 pmSS 5CC 204CManika PrasadFaculty and student gender gaps in geophysics and the geosciences community: insights from a global survey
Wednesday, October 178:35 amPlenary Session on Impacting Society: Frontiers for GeophysicistsLevel 3
Ballroom B
John BradfordGeoscientists without Borders, Lessons from the Field: Maximizing Benefit to Local Communities with Limited Resources
Wednesday, October 1711:25 amSM 4CC 205ATuğrul KonukMimetic finite-difference modeling of time-varying sea-surface effects on seismic data
Wednesday, October 171:50 pmMG 1CC 213BRoxana SafipourElectrical and electromagnetic methods in exploring for seafloor massive sulfide deposits
Wednesday, October 172:15 pmANI 1CC 205ATong BaiAttenuation compensation for time-reversal imaging in VTI media
Wednesday, October 172:40 pmRC 5CC 209APaul El KhouryQuantitative interpretation using facies-based inversion applied to the Ordovician Red River U4 dolomite interval, Williston Basin
Wednesday, October 172:40 pmFWI 5CC 207CDaniel RochaElastic-reflection waveform inversion with petrophysical model constraints
Wednesday, October 172:40 pmEM 2CC 213AJoseph CapriottiGuided fuzzy c-means clustering inversion of electrical potential due to an anisotropic-layered half-space
Wednesday, October 173:05 pmANI 1CC 205AOscar Jarillo Michel3D waveform inversion of microseismic data for VTI media
Wednesday, October 173:05 pmFWI P4Poster Stn 8Colton KohnkeLocalized FWI for time-lapse monitoring
Wednesday, October 173:30 pmMLDA P5Poster Stn 2Arnab DharaMachine-learning-based methods for estimation and stochastic simulation
Wednesday, October 173:30 pmRC 5CC 209AJacquelyn DavesIntegrated reservoir characterization of the Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA
Wednesday, October 173:55 pmNS 5CC 204AJohn BradfordGround-penetrating radar surveys of late-19th and early-20th century cemeteries to identify unmarked graves in rural Idaho, USA
Wednesday, October 174:20 pmMG 1CC 213BAline MeloMagnetic on-time transient electromagnetic method (MoTEM) for imaging magnetic susceptibility
Thursday, October 188:55 amSS 10CC 212AIvan Lim Chen NingMulticomponent imaging with distributed acoustic sensing
Thursday, October 189:20 amST 2CC 211AAaron PruntyA simple approach to imaging using scattered waves
Thursday, October 189:45 amSVE 2CC 208AVladimir LiImage-guided wavefield tomography for VTI media
Thursday, October 189:45 amSS 10CC 212ASamir JreijDetermining the added value of surface-distributed acoustic sensors in sparse geophone arrays using transfer learning with a convolutional neural network
Thursday, October 1810:10 amSS 10CC 212AWhitney Trainor-GuittonFault classification from 3D imaging of vertical DAS profile
Thursday, October 1810:10 amMG 2CC 213BSeungwook ShinSupervised machine learning for lithology estimation using spectral induced-polarization data
Thursday, October 1810:35 amMG 2CC 213BElizabeth Maag-CapriottiDiscrete-valued inversion of IP data using guided FCM clustering
Thursday, October 1811:00 amNS 6CC 204ARichard KrahenbuhlDeveloping a large underground geophysical education laboratory at Colorado School of Mines
Thursday, October 1811:00 amMLDA 5CC 204BHayden PowersClassification of total oil production of wells in SEAM Life of Field from stochastic AVA inversion attributes via machine learning
Thursday, October 181:30 pmW-1Ali TuraPost-Convention Workshop: Data Analytics and Machine Learning for
Geoscience Applications - Part 1
Friday, October 198:30 amW-2Ali Tura Post-Convention Workshop: Data Analytics and Machine Learning for
Geoscience Applications - Part 2
Friday, October 198:30 amW-19Azra Tutuncu and Ali TuraPost-Convention Work Understanding Unconventionals: Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Seismic