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The 100@100 Campaign for the Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund is supported by individual or group donations and can be pledged over multiple years. Additionally, if your company has a matching gift program, your fund donation can be doubled.

With ultimate flexibility, this pledge program welcomes contributions that best fit your individual goals. Through 100 $10,000+ donations we hope to fund a $1,000,000 Endowment that will provide long-term support to the Geophysics Field Camp and its continued excellence.

Please share with us how you, or a group of donors, would like to contribute to the Geophysics@100 Field Experience Endowed Fund, for example:

        • 4 years at $2,500/year
        • 5 years at $2,000/year
        • Combined: lump sum and yearly pledge

Any variety or combination is possible and much appreciated. Thank you for contributing to the Geophysics legacy at Mines!

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