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Congrats on Awards

Congratulations to our Graduate Student Award recipients for 2021-22: Nicolas Bufaliza – Pickett Graduate Fellowship; Liwei Cheng – Daniels Fellowship; Ashish Kumar – PhD 1st-year Fellowship; Yanhua Liu – Chevron Fellowship and Meng Ersheng Scholarship; Joe Mjehovich...

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Wald Receives Joyner Award

Congratulations to Adjunct Faculty member David Wald for receiving the William B Joyner Lecture Award. The lectureship is jointly awarded by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and the Seismological Society of America to those who have provided outstanding...

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Bump, Set, Spike!

Thanks to all who turned out for our three-Friday pick up volleyball series. Organized by Professor Ebru Bozdag and SSG and SGS student leaders Michael Field and Gavin Wilson, the games turned out to be both fun and beautiful as can be seen in the photos taken by our...

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Research featured in film

The feature-length documentary "The Lake at the Bottom of the World," about a project Dr. Matthew Siegfried has worked on for the past six year (and focused on the only subglacial lake in the universe that has a fiber-optic cable sitting in it!), premiered Saturday,...

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