Congratulations to Drs. Eileen Martin and Ge Jin who, partnered with Dr. Derek Rountree at Luna Innovations (NASDAQ:LUNA), have received a Department of Energy (DOE) Grant to investigate clean energy and climate solutions.

The grant is part of a $35 million effort at the DOE which is funding 150 projects in 29 states to optimize and commercialize renewable energy technology.

The research team including Martin and Jin will develop a novel, cloud-based data storage and analysis framework that will be broadly expandable from seismic surveys of subterranean reservoirs to civil structural health monitoring, perimeter security and traffic control systems.

Researchers anticipate that the framework and software will become a key element in managing and extracting value from the many-terabyte datasets generated by fiber optic sensing technologies. These cloud tools will link directly to the Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data Analysis Ecosystem (DASDAE), an ongoing software project led by Drs. Martin and Jin. Researchers at Mines are using fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing to understand environmental changes in permafrost and glaciers, as well as to enable clean energy at CO2 sequestration sites and geothermal energy facilities.