GMRC 10 Year Anniversary: 1999-2009


Gravity & Magnetics Research Consortium (GMRC)

GMRC is an industry-funded research group formed in 1999 at the Colorado School of Mines. The mandate of GMRC is to carry out sponsored research in gravity and magnetic methods. The research team consists of five associated faculty members, a scientific advisor, and students who come from a broad background and have an excellent track record. With this diverse expertise, the group has been working on a wide variety of problems ranging from theory, modeling, inversion, and interpretation to field applications of gravity, gravity gradient, and magnetic methods in oil and gas exploration. The research team utilizes the latest developments in geophysical inverse theory, applied mathematics, optimization, and modern instrumentation. The ultimate goal is to bring together the people and resources of academia and industry and develop modern techniques that can be used to solve practical exploration and production problems in petroleum exploration.

The mission of GMRC consists of the following four objectives:
  • Develop new interpretation techniques for gravity, gravity gradient and magnetic data
  • Carry out research with industry on problems of mutual interests
  • Transfer of technology to sponsors for practical applications
  • Encourage continued interest and support of students interested in potential field studies

Since the birth of GMRC, the group has tackled numerous problems of practical importance, including but not limited to:
  • Processing and inversion of the newly available gravity gradiometry datasource depth estimation techniques
  • Inversion of gravity data for base of salt and subsalt imaging
  • Binary inversion of potential-field data
  • Interpretation of magnetic data with remanent magnetization
  • 4D Grabity Interpretation for reservoir monitorying.
  • Efficient and felxible simulation fore borehole gravity and gravity gradiometry responses in reservoir monitoring.
  • Inversion and interpretation of borehole gravity and gravity gradiometry datas.
  • Development of 3D inversion of magnetic and magnetic gradient data.
  • Signal separation and inversion of TEM data using the gramework of PCA.
  • Development of adaptive Lp inversion and in gravity and magnetic and cross-well travel-time tomograpy.
  • Noise characteristics and enhancement of airborne gravity gradiometry data.
  • Inversion and interpretation of large-scale multi-component airborne gravity gradient data.
  • Joint inversion of seismic and potential-field data.
  • Case study to apply existing GMRC-developed methodology to field data sets from sponsors.
  • Expand GMRC processing and interpretaion sofware package (CGEMaestro).
  • Topics recommended by sponsors.
A list of these projects with details can be found under the PROJECTS page.

GMRC has also produced a number of software packages that have been, or are being, transferred to our sponsors. Major effort has been expended in transforming our research codes into practically usable software through further development and extensive testing. This enables direct transfer of technology to industry for application to active exploration projects. The included Graphic User Interface (GUI) enables the delivered programs to be used directly in active exploration projects without the need to integrate them into sponsors' existing softwares. A list of these packages with detailed description can be founded under the software section of the SOFTWARE page.

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