GMRC 15 Year Anniversary: 1999-2014


Center for Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Studies

As an academic research center, CGEM aims to bring together a number of diverse but related research areas and foster a stimulating environment for both research and education. These groups have different funding sources and application areas, however, they all have the common underlying theme of processing and inversion of applied geophysical data acquired primarily in potential-field, electrical and electromagnetic methods. While individual projects are sometimes supported by industry and government agencies worldwide, the backbone of CGEM research is the consortium: Gravity & Magnetics Research Consortium (GMRC).


Gravity & Magnetics Research Consortium (GMRC)

GMRC is an industry-funded research group formed in 1999 within the Department of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines. Since then, GMRC has remained a leading research consortium in the fields of gravity, gravity gradiometry, and magnetics geophysics. Our current sponsors include a broad participation of petroleum and mining companies, service companies, and instrument developers.

GMRC Mandate:

  • Focus on exploration geophysics and production monitoring
  • Develop methods for processing gravity, magnetic, electrical and EM data
  • Develop inversion methodologies
  • Feasibility and case studies to understand application issues
  • Transfer resulting technology to sponsors

GMRC Design:

To maximize the value of GMRC, we have designed the consortium to bring together the leading experts and companies from all aspects of the energy field. Presentations, discussions and collaborations routinely occur between the members of the consortium who include:

  • CSM faculty and students in research, development and application of exploration and production geophysics
  • Leading instrumentation developers of past and next generation sensors and platforms
  • Leading service providers with interest, experience and recommendations for new algorithms and instrumentation
  • Petroleum and mining companies with immediate need for valuable new technologies
This broad, yet interconnected and complemental group has led to highly productive and cutting-edge research and development year after year related to exploration and monitoring.

Current GMRC Sponsors:


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