Student Organizations

Society of Student Geophysicists (SSG - undergraduate)

The goal of the Society of Student Geophysicists (SSG), shall be to promote interest in and knowledge of geophysics and allied sciences, and to promote friendship and cooperation among those interested in the geophysical sciences. We are affiliated with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Colorado School of Mines. 

2015-2016 Officers: 

President: Michael Sleevi                  
Vice President: Joni Sanborn            
Treasurer: Thomas Conklin              
Secretary: Joseph Halloran                
Webmaster: Micaela Pedrazas          


For more information, please go to: Mines SSG



Society of Women in Geophysics (SWIG): 

SWIG’s purpose is building a strong and supportive community through networking and mentorship.

2015-2016 Officers: 

President: Somara Omar                
VP of Programming: Flannery Dolan
VP of Communication: Alicia Johnson
VP of Finance: Brennah McVey      
VP of Mentorship: Joni Sanborn    
VP of Membership:                                 Nadima Dwihusna                   



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