The educational objectives of the Geophysical Engineering Program are a direct outgrowth of the mission and goals of Colorado School of Mines. The Geophysical Engineering program is dedicated to educating students and professionals in applied geophysical science and engineering who will apply themselves in the discovery and recovery of the Earth’s resources, their conversion to materials and energy, their utilization in advanced processes and products, and the economic and social systems necessary to ensure their prudent a provident use in a sustainable global society.

Many graduates of CSM’s Geophysical Engineering program are employed in the petroleum industry, primarily in exploration, extraction and production of hydrocarbons for energy. Others work in industry or government agencies in the application of geophysics and geophysical engineering in such areas as groundwater, environmental, geotechnical, mining, and geohazard mitigation. A significant percentage of Geophysical Engineering graduates go on to pursue graduate study before seeking either petroleum or non-petroleum employment.

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